Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Mark said...

Dear Matthew,
Just read your book, 'I had a Black Dog' Blew us away altogether. Have a little experience of the breed myself and wish I had read/seen this years ago. Think every Australian house should have a copy - especially the out houses!
Look forward to seeing your more recent books too.
Thanks so much for such a beautiful work, brilliant.
Binzi + Kopi

PS - Tell us if your ever in the West (WA, Fremantle)

mary said...

hi matthew
I bought your book I had a Black Dog for a friend of mine who has depression and he marvels at how you've nailed it both with words and pictures how he feels when the black dog comes visiting again. My niece has just been diagnosed bi polar so came online to get full title of book and author so I can buy it for her. Delighted to see you've two more books out now. Am going shopping for all three both for my house - have children myself and you never know - and for my niece. Keep up the fantastic work you are one of my heros. I just love the way you talk, it gets me. Let me know if ever you come to Ireland - tall order I know!!


Anonymous said...

Love the black dog, mine is asleep in his kennel for the moment! Would love to see illustrated two other moods that my dog exhibits, as I think other dog owners may also be familiar with them. The two states are:
1. Anxious and agitated dog. You know, when he starts jumping up, running round and can't lie down and sleep or relax.
2. On-guard! Ears pricked listening out for the smallest noise which to him seems extra loud, annoying and intrusive.
To see these black dog statuses cartooned would help a great deal! As an animal lover, zoomorphising human states helps put distress in perspective. Thank you, you have helped take the sting out of blue days. Elaine.

Judy said...

Dear Matthew
I often recommend your book for people to read, but after checking price/availability etc, I am left confused as to whether there is just one or two black dog books? If there are two, how do they vary, as they appear to have the same cover.
The one I know "I have a black dog" is great, and have had great feedback about it from those that I have suggested they read it.
Thanks again

Ellie said...

Dear Matthew

As I went to write this my mind just went blank and all I could think of was 2 words...Thank You. Just Thank You. After 10 years of struggle it was only recently that the dog 'Hijaked me completely and brought me to my knees'and am now gaining insight and knowledge into something I didnt know was even happenening for me. Your books brought a shiver down my spine with emotion as they explained to me my story and what numerous health professions failed to do. No text books. No fancy wording. No 'Times run out, just get ovr it.' This was simplicity, reassuring,emotive and raw. My friend then recently broke down as sh discovered her Black Dog was too much to hide. On sharing the book with her and the knowledge I gained from it, it helped save her relationship. We still fight through but even on the good days we regualary re read our 'Bible' to remind ourselves that certain reactions are caused by the dog, not ourselves and we can do it.

Can't thank you enough! If you're ever in Wales please get in touch

Ellie xxxx

Leigh Yardy said...

Hi Matthew,
When you first released your Black Dog book and spoke at the Uni of NSW, I contacted you to tell you of my experiences and to thank you. Your reply at that time was lovely, and I remember you said you were going to write a follow up book for partners of sufferers. I'm so glad to see that you accomplished this! I just wanted to let you know that I'm now 5 years down the track from there, and doing great. I must have bought about a dozen copies of your books for people I encounter in my life who, as fellow sufferers, we all try to help.
So, I guess I just wanted to touch base and again say thank you. You always seem like a humble person, but I think you need to know what a huge impact you've made on all our lives.
Cheers, Leigh Yardy

Helen Kitchen said...

Dear Matthew and Ainsley,
I have just written a long blog to you and managed to lose it! To be concise - your books are remarkable. I recommend them all the time and are very popular now in the UK. I wish they had been around in 2000-2003 when I was very seriously ill. I might then not be divorced now and my wonderful children may have had some understanding of what was happening to their mother. It was a terrible time for my husband and my children. They were offered no support at all and just did not understand how to help me or themselves. I have now got my black dog well under control. I have learnt CBT techniques that are very effective. I wonder if you would be interested in writing a third book showing and reinforcing CBT. I have learnt it myself, teach the strategies to others via my small business, that provides affordable, regular classes. I am a primary school teacher, by profession and I am very keen to support others who have this awful, debilitating illness. Like you, Matthew, I have come through the experience stronger, with more personal insight. Please let me know about what you think, if it would be possible to write A Black Dog CBT Book. CBT is now becoming very popular as a way forward in treating depression and as a preventative in the UK.
Many thanks.

Helen M Kitchen